Monday, February 20, 2012

Because it's right...

Today I had to read a transcript of an interview I did recently as part of a study. I was a bit horrified at the way it read. The interviewer had typed word for word our conversation, which in itself wasn't the bad bit.

Every little um, ah and (laughter) was included. The content was fine but it was a reality check for me. A little like listening to yourself on a video (agony). It seems I say cause instead of because and I say it a lot. Even when I was explaining to Chris this afternoon I couldn't stop saying it even when I was aware of it.

I have a thing for correct grammar, correct spelling even on texts and facebook posts. The one that grates the most is your/you're followed closely by people who use k on the end of words that end with ing. Even as I type the word thing I do a little freudian slip and type think instead.

And as I proof read this post it seems I use even a close second.

Just because.

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