Saturday, February 18, 2012

Garden update...

Things in the garden are blooming. Regular rain and watering and a bit of attention have turned our yard into a nice place to be.

 This little bloomer hangs at the front door and the flowers match this bigger bloomer.

Now some before and after pics.

A very bad before...
 In progress..
 After planting...
 Today! much better.
At first Chris didn't like these grasses but he admitted they are 'growing' on him...groan.

Another before..

 And today...

This little shady area is outside Erins' window and finally the grapevine is growing and filling in just how I imagined it would.
 Soon after planting...

And now.
 And lastly my tomato plant which for the first time in my gardening career has produced enough fruit to justify the cost of the plant. Previously I was lucky to get 2 tomatoes. Not so successful with the strawberry plant which has only produced about 8 small berries. The zucchini is well on its way and the herbs around are doing well.

So far so good, Mum would be proud.

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