Sunday, February 26, 2012


Thankfully in my recovery time I've still been able to read. A friend who had a similar op a few years back told me she couldn't read or watch TV for any length of time so I was concerned how I was going to fill in my time.

In my diary this year there is a section to write in the books read, movies watched etc and so far this year I have been able to write in quite a few novels. It started in our beach holiday and has continued after a conversation with a friend at work who leant me several books and put me on to a couple of authors that she likes.

I discovered that this year is the National Year of Reading 2012. Fitting that their push for literacy is in keeping with my appetite for reading this year. Also helping is my discovery of the on-line access to the local library.
 This is what the library used to look like. The ugly building is still there but is not the library any more
New library

 Last year our library was rebuilt in a lovely modern, bigger facility. I can now order books I want to read (some of the recommendations from Lyn) and I get a text message when they have arrived from other libraries in the region or become available. I can then go into the library and do self checkout with my library card. I can also do an extension on line if I need more time. The less time spent inside the library means more time reading. I haven't even needed to check out the toilet facilities in the new building.

We all know what browsing in libraries and bookstores does to your gastro-colic reflex.

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