Thursday, December 1, 2011

The long week...

I'm nearly at the end of my long week.

Monday was a trip to the city on the train, the travel was OK but I always am glad it is an occasional thing. The study day at St Vincents was very interesting and informative but I was quite distracted by the view from the 11th floor. I don't get up high very often.

After work on Tues it was still 33 degrees and I headed up to the pool to do some laps instead of a run. Erin and her friend came with me and they splashed around. It was very busy with swimming lessons and people cooling off and I think that swim is responsible for my sore throat today.
I'm considering doing a biathlon in February - thats a swim and a run, not a ski and a shoot. The swim is at Brighton Beach and todays EPA report says the poo level at the moment is 'fair'. With all the rain the beaches are contaminated around the bay. I can feel another disease coming on.

I was thinking of my neice on her paddling on a river camp this week when I heard of the death of 2 kayakers in their brand new kayak. I'm sure I would have heard if extremes of weather had spoiled the camp. I was also reminded today that you should make the most of life when I heard of another workplace accident that prevented someones family not to come home from work.

I confirmed today that Erin will be able to go to Canberra with the school next March (just cough up some dough just before Christmas thanks)

Tomorrow I'll head up to Ballarat for another study day. The house is showing the signs of inattention but it will have to wait until the weekend. I want to finish off the house decorations and start some planning for Christmas not just cleaning and washing all weekend.

And I need a rest.

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  1. Olivia survived her canoeing trip only a little damp. The weather wasn't too bad through the day but the nights were cold and wet. She found it physically challenging but has many good stories to tell also. L