Friday, December 9, 2011

Better but still NQR...

My cold symptoms are easing off but I am left with a paroxysmal cough that is distressing for me and annoying for everyone within earshot. It is one of those coughs that makes my eyes & nose run and my face to go bright red. No manner of cough drops or water or enquiries as to my 'rightness' helps. I just have to let it pass. I really want to go for a run, or at least a walk, but any sort of activity sets me off. Maybe a few more days will help.

I am pleased with my Christmas progress. I now have baked goods in my pantry and a list for some more. A list really helps me and as I can cross things off I feel better.

The house looks Christmassy

and its hard to get a shot of the tree but its silver/white/blue theme looks very pretty

Erin has finished her school year, last nights' Presentation Night at Dallas Brooks hall winding up a full year. Every year as I battle peak hour traffic to get into the city I grizzle about the distance & the traffic but I enjoy seeing the talents of the students being rewarded. It always falls on a really hot day which turns into a balmy night, not sure how that works out but it does. I thought in another 4 years I'll be done with these city ceremonies but I sat with a colleague whose daughter is a teacher now and she was attending at her request. She thought she was done too. She was amazed at how the school had grown in the 6 years since her daughter had graduated. Its nice to see the full circle of student returning to teach.

My big Sis has not answered me about the recipe I'm looking for but maybe getting her daughter on to a plane to Japan is occupying her thoughts.

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