Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24th...

Christmas Eve is the last minute day.

Last minute to prepare food.

Last minute to get to the shops with everyone else on the planet, or so it seems, to get that last loaf of bread. We all know that the shops will reopen on Boxing Day and we once again will be able to buy bread but today that seems too far off.

Last minute to stare at the pile of presents and have a little panic. Panic that it is enough & it is fair and it looks fair and what else can I get.

Might be a little late but here are some things on my wish list...

 Of course I would need a new 4 wheel drive to tow it, but thats a given isn't it?

I'd love to stay at home if this pool was in the backyard

If that is too pricey a cool $5400 white gold Tiffany bracelet will do

Or just this initial pendant and chain would be OK

I might have left my wish list a bit late but we'll see how well Santa the family have been listening to subtle hints.

I'm off to marinate prawns and make stuffing.

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