Sunday, December 4, 2011


My sore throat has turned into a full blown cold and it is slowing me down when I need to be at full speed.

I want to go for a run but I havent got the puff. I zoomed up to Melton to go the the Nutshack to get some glace fruit and nuts for my christmas baking wasn't there! I had to double zoom to Werribee Plaza along with thousands of other people to the Nutshack there. But I did get it and was able to make a start by making a fruit cake.

I am searching everywhere for a recipe I made last year but cannot locate it with all the other christmas recipes and cuttings. The recipe is for a coconut stack thingy that had dried strawberry in it. It was like a cone shaped macaroon and the dried strawberry was lovely and sweet and a bit different from glace cherries. I couldn't buy the strawberries at Coles today as I did last year, maybe this is a sign its not going to happen this time.

Did I see this recipe at your place Louise? I'm thought it was a Better Homes one but it still eludes me. And it the good ole internet is not helping either. Grrr, I need to move on! And I need to feel better to get lots more done.

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