Monday, December 12, 2011

New Balance...

Strapped on the ol runners tonight for the first run in about 2 weeks.

I was a bit concerned about how I'd go so I started back at week 1 of the C25K program and did an easy session. I was pleased at how easy it was and should be able to push myself harder tomorrow. No coughing was a real bonus.

The trusty shoes have been very comfortable and no injuries have arisen but the mesh on the toe was no match for my toe nails and needed to be reinforced. The elastoplast bandaids have done the trick even if Hayley thinks it looks 'povo'. These shoes have done a lot of kms since February and I'm planning out my runs for 2012.

Erin had asked for her 'seconds' to be done for Christmas so we went down to the pharmacy this afternoon to oblige. Looks quite sweet but she wont be able to wear 2 pairs at once at school so will have to enjoy them over the summer.

Trust your children to teach you new words.

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