Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toy Run...

Today was the MRA 2011 Toy Run. We were very concerned about the weather after last nights storms and only decided this morning at 830am that we were definitely going.

A grey cloud followed us all day

Grasshopper got another lesson, after one year of riding this is the first group ride he has been on.

First stop was to fuel up, thanks Dad for the top up
 Next stop was Melton to join a smaller group

 Callum is doing very well with his riding
 Our trip was probably the shortest of the many rides that ended up at the Calder Park Raceway.
 It was good to see lots of bikes with presents and decorations
 As we got there early we were able to watch a huge group roll in, many thousands thundering up. I'll have to watch the news tonight to see if it gets a mention.

 It is hard to get the scale of the event but it was huge
 The Boy Racers were in heaven perusing and dreaming. Chris has never wanted a Harley prefering the English Triumph and it seems Callum is following that lead also, dreaming of a bigger Triumph. Harleys outnumbered any other brand about 5 to 1 but the boys were both pleased there were many Triumphs there as well. We only saw 2 Learners and 2 Probationary plates on these bikes and there were scooters, trikes and trailers. They even had a caravan/trike set up and a side car hearse - something for everyone really.

And this young man Lukey Luke put on a spectacular display in a very small space...on a Triumph

I'm sure his Mum is proud of him and all that time spent doing wheelies is paying off.

All in all it was a very good day, we got to spend more time with Callum than we have in a long time and I think he enjoyed it too.

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