Monday, December 26, 2011

A wet end...

On our drive home from Christmas lunch we were caught up in a terrible downpour with next to no visibility on the highway. I was relieved to know that Callum had made it safely home on his motorbike an hour before the storm. It seemed to clear a little as we pulled into the driveway but it pelted down and flooded the backyard within minutes. More thunder and hail scared the dog almost inside out.

25mls collected in our rain gauge. The trees in the Avenue were shredded by the hail, there was a lot of leaf litter on the road and also on the track as I ran this morning. The strawberry farm will be a mess and what was left of the cherries will now be gone too. This morning much of the lettuce farm was still under water. The SES were called out to hundreds of calls disrupting their festivities, not what you want to do when you are in a turkey stupor.

Luckily we had no damage and the tank I had let get low is now well and truly topped up.

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