Friday, December 16, 2011

Catch up...

Today I was able to catch up on a little housework before a haircut and some shopping. My list is considerably smaller after our expedition. I should be able to finish off the baking this weekend and if Chris will take me to Highpoint on the bike, so I can avoid car park hassles, the shopping will also be done.

I found some twigs with fairy lights (sounds exotic doesn't it) and some small baubles and have made up another Christmas feature for the family room. It was hard today just to focus on what I needed to get and not get caught up in lots of lovely things I'd like.

The helpful girl at Dusk told me why my candles smoke (one of them in a sconce had left a smoky mark on the wall) I need to trim the wick after each lighting and extinguish with a snuffer to keep the wick straight. I could have bought a nifty tool set to do that but I politely declined, thinking to myself - I can trim a wick.

Third day this week back to running. I started out at a slower pace as I still had the lingering effects of my URTI, and I'm really pleased to say its been going extremely well. Instead of a week at each level I have skipped through 3 weeks in 3 days. At 8pm the weather is nice and the track is deserted, except for a lot of bunnies of the hippity hop kind. Just as I headed out the door Chris' mother was on the phone to give him some grief and even though I was tired from my shopping day it felt really good to get out and clear my head and leave that guilt trip behind.

So now instead of writing up some of the Christmas cards I have made I'm going to relax in front of the telly and leave it til tomorrow.

And Louise, don't look too hard for that recipe, I cant find the dried strawberries this year and am sick of looking in every supermarket and deli I go past for them.

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