Sunday, July 31, 2011


We have a new phenonemon in our house, it involves all of us heading out the door in the mornings to go to work and school.

Yes that's right, all of us have to negotiate around a bathroom schedule that begins at 550am. And it's all because Callum's news is that he has begun an apprenticeship. Not the motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship he was hoping for but as a plumber with a local company that specialise in heating/air conditioning installations. He has to get up (that's been a shock to his system) and hop on his motorbike (thankfully I don't have to drive him anywhere) and starts anywhere between 6am & 730am.

Tomorrow he will head off wearing the regulation 'blue work pants'. Who decided chippies wear the sandy/khaki coloured work pants and plumbers wear blue? And what trade wear the dark green ones?? But when I went into the work wear supplier the division was obvious. We all have our uniforms to wear now & I thought washing plaster & wax off Hayley's uniform was bad but we'll see how the machine copes with Cal's duds.

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