Saturday, July 2, 2011

what happened to?...

what happened to Friday fashions????

Well I was dressed up on Friday, in a Metallicus tunic with tights & boots and I looked fabulous.

Then I went out for lunch at the Plough with my bestie and had a lovely lunch and catch up.

Then I came home and changed in to my 'after fives' as our Mum used to call them - trackie dacks & daggy warm cardy. I got settled in for the night, begrudgingly making a quick meal for the family, then settling on the couch with the Foxtel and the laptop for some www browsing.

In true Homer style, the palm hit the forehead when I remembered I'd forgotten the photos. Next time I'll try to remember not to forget.

Today the daggy fashion continued as we made a start on the landscaping in the backyard and painting at the working bee for Beauty & the Beast.

I'm settled back in my position on the couch right now, I have all the fixings for Crepes Suzette but now I can't be bothered...maybe tomorrow.

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