Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm vain...

and a bit unorganised.

Our wacky winter warm spell has finished & we are back to regular winter programming - cold & wet. My Friday fashion today was comprised of my new favourite purple  Metallicus dress which is nice & light. While I was out at Big Sisters today I had to borrow a cardi because after 3 warm days I forgot how to dress for proper Melbourne weather.

I wore the same dress last night with a t shirt when I went into the city for an education forum. I had to go straight into St V's from work and had packed my bag the night before. I even remembered to put in some jewellery & deodorant.

What I had forgotten was to shave my legs in the morning and as I was going to wear short leggings this was going to be a problem.

Because I am vain.

Because it has been cold & I haven't needed to show my legs.

Because I didn't want to show my hairy people I had never met before and would never see again.

By the end of my working day all the patients had gone and I had a bit of time, I went on the hunt for a disposable razor. Unfortunately I found one in the cannulation trolley. Pity the poor patient who might need a shave from me as the quick job I did on my lower legs was appalling. I was left bleeding, stinging & almost hair free. The throbbing afterwards lasted for ages and was pretty intense, like a burn.

Not one person  noticed.

The forum was quite interesting and focused on self care...looking after ourselves so we can continue to care for others.

Next time I'll take that on board.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha!

    It's hot summer here, so hairless legs are important. But I shave in the winter anyway, just because I can't handle the thought of getting caught all hairy. VAIN!

    Except, here's my trick... just for you...

    I only shave one leg each day. Seriously.

    It takes too long to shave both so I rotate each day. Neither leg gets too hairy and it's easier to stay on top of this annoying chore.

    So there it is. Take it or leave it. =)