Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday outing...

Today instead of putting on our gardening clothes it felt good to get a little dressed up and head out of the house. I've missed putting on my jewellery and makeup.

We headed up to Ballarat to have a hit & giggle at Mini Golf. Erin & I always have a hit at the Port Fairy course and it was extra fun having Chris with us today. He is pretty competitive at any game so it was not surprise that he won on the day but we all had a good hole or two.

This is the shot I asked Chris to take of me at Mini Golf today, don't know what happened to my head but you can see I'm wearing my jean leggings and a knitted tunic top.Those brown boots I have had since before Hayley was born. I remember they cost me a lot but have been worn every winter since, thats good value  I think. It was sunny but chilly in Ballarat today and I needed just one more layer.

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