Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cabin fever...

todays cold wet weather has kept us indoors today and I think Erin has had enough.

2 weeks of doing nothing much except playing the Wii, watching TV/DVDs or catching up with friends on the web has proved a bit much. She has been' helping' a bit in the yard but after just one or two shovels full the fun has worn off.

Loads of mulch and pebbles have been delivered but only the fool hardy were outdoors today. I am anxious to start spreading and planting but the mud will slow us down. Even browsing around the nurseries was freezing. The bobcat booked for Tuesday may not happen if its too muddy.

Chris and I are both off this week, Erin will be happy as we can do some other activites instead. The last Harry Potter is opening on Thursday, we have discovered a Mini Golf at Ballarat and I want to head down to the coast. The piles will still be waiting for us

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