Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The pepper tree...

is gone.

Shire workers came today and took out the pepper tree out of the front yard. They came up to the door, while I was at work and spoke to Erin who is having a week of Wii/DVDs in her pyjamas. She rang me at work and they explained the situation.

Pepper trees are common around this area, they grow quite large and I thought our front corner was the perfect spot for one. I planted it after unsuccessfully trying to grow a gum tree there and it had grown really well. The foliage and berries were just like this pic, I never got around to taking any photos of it.

 Because it had only been in about 2 years it looked like this one...again not my pic.

 It was quite thick right down to the ground  and not able to be seen through and being nearer to the road and we are on a bit of a bend there had been some complaints...apparently.

I had envisaged our tree looking like this

 But it never had the chance. The Shire workers chopped it down and took it away. They weren't prepared to wait for it to grow up any and didn't like my suggestion of a heavy prune to shape it from shrubbish to tree-ish.

I'll never know if it could have looked like this


  1. Sorry about your tree :( I just had to cut down a big tree int eh back corner of my yard. It was sick. I miss it terribly.

  2. Did they offer to plant something else? L

  3. no such luck, am tempted to plant another one