Friday, April 10, 2009

Was it good for you?....

Good Friday that is.

I had a sense today that I had to get certain things done, I did get a lot of housework done, not that you can really tell, but it has not eased off this feeling.

I am on holidays & the pressure is off but I don't have that reassurance just yet. Probably by the time I do my short break will be over.

I should not have any qualms about watching multiple episodes of Gilmour girls while vacuuming or ironing (or NOT painting that damn front door!)

I don't want to waste my time off & I don't want to feel guilty for wasting it .

Whipped up these as well

My version of pea soup
And tried this new recipe - Cherry coconut slice

Check out Jo's bit on the side if you want the recipes

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