Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A girls night out...

Erin wanted to see Monsters vs Aliens for her school holiday movie date. We decided we would go to the 830pm session & we bummed around at home during the day, washed my car & had dinner before we headed up to Melton.
I was hoping that it would be a little quieter since it was cheap tuesday during the school holidays, but I was so surprised when we walked in to cinema 1 & there was NO-ONE in there.
We had a bit of a giggle & took a few minutes to find the perfect seats, & settled in with our popcorn to enjoy the movie.
Just before the movie started 2 more people walked in. They found their perfect seat in an almost completely empty cinema..... directly behind us!
Any how we enjoyed the movie & headed home at 10pm. Erin needs to learn not to talk during the movie or next time when we choose our seats I'll be sitting in another row!

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