Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wow work has been full on since I started back on Monday. My short break zoomed by & before I knew it school & work routines have begun again.
Uniforms are an issue this term. Erin has to wear winter uniform which means finding extra items like stockings & ties & finding extra time in the morning to actually put the whole ensemble together.
It doesn't help that she had grown several centimetres since last year & the winter pants are way too short, she does have a kilt so that means the dreaded stockings. Erin doesn't like the way stockings feel & finds them hard to put on. When they have sport or PE they have to get changed at school & of course that means putting the stockings back on AGAIN!
I will be able to go to the uniform shop on Friday & rectify the lack of trousers, so she will be happier next week.

My personal issue with uniform is that I only have 2 shirts & work 3 or 4 days each week. So I have to fit in a load of washing when I least feel like it - straight after work. Often I will remember to put the washing on but sometimes I'll remember the clothes are still in the machine when I lay down at 11pm. We are issued with 5 pieces of uniform when we first commence with the Health Service but I wonder if they expect you to move on to another job before you need more clothing. No-one will tell me if I'm allowed to have another shirt or if I have to fork out $80 for it myself.
I asked at the uniform shop if I could buy a particular shirt & he looked at me in all seriousness said 'you have to be a nurse to get one of those'. I'll have to go in all official & flash my badge at him before I am allowed to buy a shirt!

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