Thursday, April 16, 2009


Erin & I went to the Melbourne Zoo today.
It was a nice sunny day but not very warm. We went to see all the favourites & we spotted most of them. The seal enclosure is being remodeled & improved so we were a bit disappointed that we could not see them.
One of Erin's all time favourites is the penguin so we are happy they are going to be part of the redevelopment with a new playground home.

Erin was in charge of the camera & snapped loads of pics. I am having a chuckle as I review them tonight as there is a lot of butts amongst them...emu butt, bear butt, lion butt, monkey butt, mandril butt, zebra butt, elephant butt luckily no baboon butt - gross!

Last week an adventurous gorilla escaped from his enclosure & it took zookeepers 20 minutes to recapture him. That would have been a bit exciting for the visitors! You can read about it here.

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