Monday, July 4, 2016

Lots to say...

Our trip has been and gone and it was a ripper. We were only gone for less than a week but managed to cram a lot in, the marathon being the highlight.
Before the big race we stayed for a few days in Toowoomba with Duncan and Donna and had a lovely catch up. The trip was a huge trip down memory lane for Chris as he revisited his old haunts and showed me around.
'upgraded' to the first row

Welcome to Toowoomba

Cabarlah, Chris' Army posting

The Farmers Arms where many an hour was spent

had to have a beer at the old stomping ground

this time tea at Willowsprings

and of course a latte for me (and cake)

the view from Picnic Point 
 Duncan was able to tell stories from the terrible floods that roared through in 2011. Many people were drowned or washed away and the main road into Toowoomba that is pictured above was a torrent that poured down the Range down into the valley below and washed away the whole community of Grantham. Not that you can tell now, lots of rebuilding and development has replaced the devastation.

Duncan made the pattern for these bins during his apprenticeship at the Foundry

Tabletop mountain in the distance
 I have a photo somewhere which I'm determined to find of me standing in this same spot taken on my first trip to Toowoomba when we were young and adventurous and had ridden on Chris' motorbike from Victoria to Queensland, about 30 years ago.

overlooking the valley.
We also had fun catching up with family over a few drinks and trying to play Wii fit games, seems that alcohol and Wii balance games equals lots of laughter.

I got to get in a couple of runs and stay on track for the marathon. We had a lovely time and were sad to go but I was anxious to move onto the next phase of our trip.

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