Monday, July 25, 2016

The next stage...

As I went to file yesterday's race bib it struck me that the marathon bib was a nice end point to the current folder which is full to bursting and I need to start another.

In 2011 I started the Couch to 5k program and used the Mother's Day Classic 4km run to motivate me to continue. After that race I proudly recorded my time, printed my certificate and stowed the bib. Many races and events followed, 45 in all, from 4km all the way to 42.2km.

5 years to get from novice to marathoner.

team JAM has its own hashtag now
It has been an incredible journey and as I flick through the folder I recall each race and what I learned along the way. I do know that there wouldn't be as many bibs if Running Buddy hadn't been there to encourage me and spur me on. The first 9 races were a learning curve for sure but having someone to share not only the races but all the training as well has been truly special. Not really friends before this running journey, we have come a long way with our friendship as well as our running. There are so many memories attached to each bib, laughter and tears, frustration and joys and the development of the saying 'good on us'. We have learned a lot about each other, our routines and bodily functions. We've stripped off in front of each other and shared the pain of chafing in sensitive spots, blisters, sore hips and muscles. We have used running as therapy to solve frustrations of husbands new and old, children and now grandchildren and I am so very grateful for this special bond.
With the addition to our running gang our plans and goals got grander and bigger and took on a life of their own.Some days the instant messages flow thick and fast with plans and ideas. We've now also joined the Melton City Runners running group and another aspect of our running will develop with other motivated runners to take us to places we hadn't imagined.

So 'good on us' as I start another folder and gather more memories and friends.

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