Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lots to say part 2...

While we were in Toowoomba I was still in the taper period so I planned 2 runs to stay on track. Toowoomba is a very hilly town and I set off on my 7km first run looking for the location of the Toowoomba parkrun. Just 2 k from brother-in-laws i found the lovely Queens Park.

I had a little tummy trouble so by the time I reached the park I bolted over to the toilet. I only realised that I had made a bee line for the Mens when I walked out and wondered why there were urinals in there...oops no harm done only a little embarrassement!

I struggled back up the hill and thought it was a crap run and put it down to every now and then you have a bad one and I don't do as well on my own. I looked on Garmin later and realised that Toowoomba is at 700m elevation so I managed some altitude training at the same time.

On Saturday morning I went back down to the park at 7am for the parkrun. It was only 3 degrees on that morning so I wore long sleeves and pants and tucked my bar code into my pocket. The 5k run was 2 laps of the park with a hill and a nice down hill section. I took it easy and clocked up a 33 minute time. They do things a little differently here and while they had 17 volunteers on the course there was no-one taking photographs so I snapped my own momento.

My first real Parkrun tourism
 I wanted to have a little run but always had in the back of my mind the big challenge I was to face the next day and that we had been preparing for since January.

Couldn't resist taking this cheeky snap, I took it as a sign that Queensland was cheering me on.

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