Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday check in...

Another lovely week has passed with a little running, catching up with an old friend and valuing a continuous supply of electricity.

I've had the 24 hour BP monitor squeezing my arm every 30 minutes to show whether I actually do have high blood pressure. In a few weeks I'll discuss with my lovely GP what my options are. She has been a great find, being a runner herself she understands my passion for uninterrupted training.

On the stormy freezing day while it was snowing on nearby hills I made a batch of lemon meringue pies, making the pastry and lemon butter from scratch.

The following day we had a planned power outage supposedly from 9am until 2pm. The house was dark and cold and we were bored to snores without our usual forms of entertainment. There was little I could do without power so camped down in my favourite cafe where the coffee was good, the wifi flowed and I was warm. It seemed like as soon as the power came back on after 3 we turned on every light and appliance like we had been deprived for days not hours. Pity those in Tassie who are snowed in, flooded out and still without electricity.

I was also able to have a yummy lunch (and many coffees) with a beautiful friend who I haven't seen in person for years. We have communicated via the internet and followed the progress of our lives and our children through facebook but this real time was very refreshing. It's nice to know true friendships are enduring.

If my GP says I have to give up coffee to treat my blood pressure I will seriously struggle.

The new season of tennis comp has started and it was lovely to get back into it with a couple of wins and some really good hitting. The new team is a good group and we will quickly settle into playing together. Cardio tennis also started back and that also felt really good to be buzzing around and stretching out the legs.

And finally I caught up with Big Sister at her place. It's been a couple of weeks since our last catch up and we had lots to say!

Another week of leave before the hectic schedule starts up again.

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