Sunday, July 24, 2016

Run Melbourne...

my last week of leave culminated with one last running event. I knew it was going to be the dominant theme of this leave and the timing was perfect.

Run Melbourne half marathon was not something on our radar just 3 weeks after running our first full marathon but a free VIP entry was too good to pass up. We did a little maintenance training in the last 3 weeks and maintained our form for this one. I had a goal of beating my best previous half marathon time of 2:20 (obtained earlier this year at Geelong). We set off with the 2:10 pacer in sight and I stuck with her as long as I could. We have learned things from all the training and preparations we have done and I felt really good as we pounded along the Melbourne streets.

21.1km course
It was a freezing morning and we reluctantly threw off our 'throwaway' jackets and warmed up once we got into a rhythm. The first half was quite quick for me and I slowed down in the second half losing sight of the pacer but able to push myself along. I never felt like walking or giving up and managed a PB of 2:15:35. A full 5 minutes of improvement! I was really happy with myself and felt satisfied in the end.

Each of us had improvements on this day and each recorded a PB

Being a VIP was a nice bonus but felt a little guilty at not being able to share it with the girls.

Being part of the MCR team was also a fabulous part of the day. Cheers of encouragement always help you along and it is nice to be in such an identifiable team.

fun in the outwestphotobooth
Half marathon number 7 turned out to be the best but right now I am little weary and still not quite ready to head back to work on Tuesday.

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