Sunday, June 26, 2016

Counting down...

Just 2 days left before we fly out to warmer climes.

2 runs down this weekend and just 3 short runs before the big one.

4 things to print out: flights, rental car, accommodation, bib collection.

2 cases to pack, and decisions to make about outfits.

Saturday saw us shopping before our run to pick up a new singlet which will be our new unofficial team shirt.

and keeping with the rule of 'nothing new on race day' we tried them out on Sunday. Even though I wanted to wear long sleeves on this freezing morning we tested out the shirt and agreed the lightweight top will be perfect for the Gold Coast. A cruisy 10k was the perfect way to end up our training together. We won't run as a trio again until next Sunday morning and we chatted about how excited we are and how the finish line will be an emotional one.

I think you can follow along our progress with these links audience guide.

Voting has been done and we got to see Erin at work at the pre poll. She has made us very proud with her application to this position, and she is pleased with herself also. The election has been good for our household in unexpected ways.

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