Friday, July 29, 2016

The Cure...

you'll be surprised to learn that this post has nothing to do with running, apart from the times when we were walking through the city that I said to Hayley "we ran along here" "we ran up here" "we ran over this bridge".

I know it is shocking but sometimes I do things, good things, that don't involve running. But I did also say to Hayley I hadn't ever driven down this road or been to this place  unless it was running related.

We went to see The Cure in concert at Rod Laver Arena as a  birthday gift to her. And it was fabulous.



I don't know all their music but I enjoyed the whole show, their distinctive style and sound has remained the same over the decades and I was surprised that Robert Smith sounds exactly the same as he always has. And we certainly got value for money, the songs kept coming and Hayley was pleased that they played all her favourites.

Happy Birthday my dear, I can't believe you are nearly 28 and that I got to do share this with you.

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