Sunday, July 10, 2016

One week on...

It would have been lovely to spend a few more days on the warm Gold Coast and revel in the post marathon glory but we headed back to cold, wet Melbourne and jealously looked at other peoples pics and posts of the sunshine. It has been a very relaxed week, no running until Saturday and lots of relaxing. And of course talking and planning of the next goal.
Chris has asked me if things are going to go back to normal, meaning is he going to get his wife back. I've told him I will keep running but haven't shared all the plans just yet, I don't want to freak him out. I'm only going to play tennis one night a week when the new season starts on Thursday. In hindsight 2 nights was too much with all the marathon training. We are booked into the half marathon for Run Melbourne in 2 weeks so he may not even notice the long runs creeping back into my week.

We popped our 'finishers' T shirts on and fronted up to a very frosty Parkrun for our first recovery run. It was meant to be a slow jog, according to the plan, but we shot off for the 5k feeling good.

After the run it was lovely to catch up with running friends and then we went over to look at the brand new athletics track. We cheekily jumped the fence to run a hot lap running as fast as we could for the 400 metres.


My ranking on the Strava segment currently sits at 11/14, my pace was good over the short distance and I quite liked the full pelt feeling on the brand new, springy surface. I'm hoping to be able to use the track more as part of mixing up our training runs.

The girls couldn't co-ordinate their Garmins to get on the board.

Running Buddy was kind enough to share her purchased photos

the guys behind us kept us entertained but is one of them wearing Vibram shoes??

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