Saturday, October 5, 2013


This week I feel like I have tapered to a full stop.

Training has been minimal because of atrocious weather, gale force winds & rain, and Running Buddy has gone to Cairns for a short break. I gave myself my birthday off and allowed myself some wine time. Being on holidays has meant sleep ins and a break from routine.

So there are the excuses. In my reading today I found this passage from the Lazy Girl Running blog which I am sharing with you...

It’s great to have a goal – a big, scary goal that motivates you and inspires you to get out there and train for it. Something to look forward to and focus your energies on working towards. But it’s just as important to look back every so often.
Looking back to what you could and couldn’t do last week, last month or last year and how far you’ve come shows you how you’ve knocked down the barriers between what you thought was and wasn’t possible. And it makes you question what you still believe to be impossible.

Messages from Running Buddy in Cairns shows me she feels the same. Just 9 days to go and then we go back to finding the next goal to work towards.

Erin took some pics with my new camera when I got back from my run this morning. A run I struggled with because of the rotten wind and being solo.

I saw this recently on post about how you can doctor before and after pics to make you look like you have achieved 'miracle results'.
My before and after were taken seconds apart and look how much better I look with a smile, straight shoulders, arms out and gut sucked in. You should try this it is quite uplifting.

And only part of it is an illusion, there is hard work as well, no miracles.

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