Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8...

October 8 already?!

After a dreary day of governance, quality improvement programs with very little clinical time I was cheered by this glowing plant on my arrival home

 I couldn't resist getting my camera and quickly snapping some pics while they still had their faces pointing towards the setting sun.
 It had been a nice day and tomorrows forecast is for 27 degrees.

Tennis last night worked out well in the end, we fielded a team, played 4 sets on a beautiful night and had an unexpected win (lost overall).

Callum has been building this guitar. He has stripped the body, stained and sandpapered it and added new 'pickups' among other hardware. Each day another small packet would arrive in the mail - special screws etc until tonight he was able to actually play it. He has done a great job, its really beautiful.

I just hope the neighbours appreciate the time and effort.

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