Monday, October 21, 2013

Callum's birthday...

My boy is now 22.

Still won't crack a smile but I think he appreciated the fuss we made of him today. He got a card from Hayley and his grandmother in the post. They both did really well to have them arrive on his actual birthday, Hayley judging the UK postal system to perfection. I went out for a run in the rain this afternoon after work then raced back home to make a cake and his birthday choice of dinner (french onion chicken)

Erin took some pics and this is the best of the bunch

Happy Birthday son, love Mum and Dad. xxx

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  1. Glad your big boy had a wonderful birthday, just like my little boy :) I've not been around in blogland much lately Jo, but I've been admiring your amazing running accomplishments via facebook. You are my superhero!
    I may be rejoining the blogging world too, as I'm set to return to full time SAHM status in 2014. My health is not holding up to regular employment. The upside is that I shall hopefully have more time to reconnect with my dear blogging, crafting, scrapping mates such as your lovely self. Take care. Thinking of you often. Anita. xo