Thursday, October 3, 2013

Birthday day...

Today is my birthday, a day I have looked forward to with some excitement and trepidation. I dont want to be old and 50 seems old to me. But it is just a number and you are as young as you feel right?

I got the camera I have wanted for ages, an 18 megapixel Canon Kiss, a digital SLR. It will be fantastic as soon as I familiarise myself with the feature of SLR. I took a couple of test shots today and only like one that Chris tried,

 Here I am at my desk facing out to the grape vine struggling to load a playlist onto the shuffle. iTunes and I could not get it together at all today.

Erin's second attempt at getting her Learner's Permit was successful and now I have the stress of teaching her to drive. I will feel every one of my 50 years doing that.

And I made myself some Tiramasu cup cakes this afternoon as my birthday cake.

A lovely long chat with Hayley tonight on Skype has bought this day to an end.

As someone said to me today 'Here's to the next 50 years'

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