Friday, February 11, 2011

January review...

I'm a little late with this but I intended at the start of the year to have a monthly review when I dump the pics from the camera. I have created a sub folder for each month of 2011 and will attempt to have some sort of order for my photos. I am constantly frustrated when I am searching for a particular photo. It is surprising though if you browse through the drive and find some unexpected treasure. I inevitably think that a photo is 'gold' and have big plans for it then promptly forget where to find it.
Take Hayley's 21st pics for example - can't find them!

So I give you January...

A holiday with cousins and Aunties, a good way to start the year

Nerf wars and a haircut for Callum

 Hot, humid weather

 Rain, rain, rain and flooding

I had a lovely day scrapping today with Big Sister and I'll share some finished product tomorrow if the sun shines.

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