Monday, November 22, 2010


My countdown to Christmas has begun.

I took myself off to the shops today looking for inspiration and ideas. I came up with a few for the children and picked up this little beauty for myself.

Picture this in orange, and at 30% off today it was a bargain as well.

I will be very surprised on Christmas morning!

I also got a kick start from Coles yesterday. They have released their Christmas ideas book and it was quite inspiring for me to look through the yummy recipes and imagine what I will cook. Here's a link if you cant get to Coles for your copy.
The Australian Good Food magazine Christmas edition also had some yummy looking things to try. I thought I would try out an appetiser before I took it along to a party. It involves wrapping a strip of prosciutto around a grissini bread stick and an asparagus spear. Sounds simple & delish but it didn't wrap nicely and didn't taste good, the verdict was a thumbs down. But it wont put me off trying some of the others.

I was able to pick up the glace fruit so will be able to start the baking once the temperature drops below 30 degrees.

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