Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fireworks at the festival...

Just got back from the Djerriwarrh festival and I wanted to check the photos I had taken with my little Olympus camera.

On the menu you can choose a 'fireworks' function from the 'scene' menu. I'm still not sure how to use this function properly and if I took time to read the instructions it would probably work out a bit better.

I still managed to get this shot

The trouble with fiddling with your camera during the fireworks display is that you miss the real action. It was a really good fireworks show and I'm glad we made the effort to get there tonight.

Erin enjoyed a rainbow gelati while we waited for the fireworks to begin, I listened to Kate Ceberano entertain the crowd,

and she even ventured on to this ride, it was one of the tamer ones.

It was called the Cliff Hanger and only cost 3 of the 4 tokens that Hayley had left over from her visit to the festival this afternoon. I tried some action shots with the camera.

I was very impressed with the number and quality of the rides on offer. There were some pretty spectacular ones for the very brave to try, Erin wasn't game to go on any others. There must have been thousands of people there, it was really crowded with very long queues on the more popular rides.
When I see the attendants scrambling around, helping people on and off and checking the safety equipment it always reminds me that Chris worked as a ride attendant at the Rye Carnival when he was a teenager, one of his first summer jobs.

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