Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally Friday...

This week hasn't been extraordinary just the ordinary kind of busy that leaves you feeling tired  and lethergic at the end of the day.

So just some random thoughts from the week...

A large crack has appeared in my windscreen, after a small rock was thrown up by an oncoming truck. With a sand mine and a coal mine in the district we get a lot of trucks through. Seems the third strike is what does all the damage.

Can someone tell me how we go through so much toilet paper? We seem to use about 18 rolls a week! Have they made the roll shorter or are we in a great need? I might start buying the scratchy hard kind to deter the family a bit (I'll keep a secret stash for me).

I have done some scrapping that I can't be bothered uploading - thats really lazy, I know, I'll see if I can remedy that.

I saw a locust in the driveway this morning, the first of many so I'm told.

I am unhappy with the quality of my photo printing lately. This has coincided with a replacement of inks and a new pack of paper. DH assures me is used genuine Canon ink but I'm not convinced the paper makes such a difference.

The MIL rang to say she has found a 1 bedroom unit in Kingston, Tasmania and is happy with the arrangement. She is on a list for a low level care unit and unsure how long it will take.

Callum is gaining confidence on his bike and planning to sit for his licence as soon as is possible. What difference does a permit or licence mean when you are a solo rider. Other drivers on the road are pretty intolerant of Learners and the yellow plate does little to protect them. Callums friend came over to ride with him this afternoon wearing only a singlet top. While it was hot and tempting not to wear all the gear, I was pleased that Cal put on his jacket and boots to ride.

Today not only marks just 6 weeks til Christmas but is Hayley's last shift at Taco Bill. She is beyond excited about that and is looking forward to her new direction beginning on Monday. Her hassles with discriminating employers should be over and she can regain her social life but getting up for work 5 days a week is going to test her in a different way.

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  1. Oh Jo, what a bugger about the windscreen. Must be the week for car "issues" (no fault of ours of course!) Saw my first locust on Thursday. Feeling quite nervous for my newly planted vegie patch! As for the scrapping, at least you've done to see it when you can be bothered :) My craft room is covered in paperwork as we sort out our tax stuff! I shall reward myself with some creativity once it is all done.
    Perhaps we should both buy some shares in Kleenex or Sorbent (or whoever makes them) - sounds like there is money in toilet paper. We go through a mountain of it too.
    Love this "random" post (as the kids say). Glad to read a little bit about life in BM. Love to you. xx