Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poor cat...

or should that be Splat cat...

or Poor Hayley...

Our tale of woe begins when Hayley agrees to house sit for a friend of a friend for a week while she holidayed in Queensland.

The lady had 2 daughters and 2 cats. Now she has 2 daughters and 1 cat.

Hayley had fed, watered and cleaned up kitty litter for the whole week and on the last day in the house one of the cats didn't quite make it across the road during an allowed 'outside time'.

That was a trauma in itself but then she had to deal with it like the independant girl she was being that week. First thing to do in a crisis? ring your BFF and then your Mum. Now Hayley has never been good with 'yucky' stuff. When she worked as a checkout chick at Foodworks she wouldn't even touch the meat trays and wont watch me cut up chicken for dinner. So I was really proud of her when she told me picked up the cat (ignoring jeers from some nearby tradies) put it into a bag then into a box and left it by the back door.

The cat owner came back from holidays and told Hayley that was the second cat squished in 2 months and she is not devastated but concerned for Hayley. She even asked if Hayley would house sit again for her. Hayley will think about that one.

This unfortunate tale reminded me of a story that Vanessa told me. It might be an urban legend but goes like this.
Aussie girl is house sitting for a family in London. Their large and much loved dog dies. The owner asks the girl to take the dog to their vet.Girl takes large dog in suitcase on the Tube to Vet. Suitcase gets snatched from girl on escalator.I bet he was one bewildered thief.

Young apprentice Trent is really annoyed that the tradies acted so poorly & hadn't helped Hayley. The other funny part of the story is Hayley had found notes in the young girls bedrooms with lists of rules about their bedrooms. They were hilarious with entries like...'Don't jump on my bed', 'Clean up your mess'. I told Hayley they should have also added 'Don't kill my cat'

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