Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm taking it as a sign...

On the way to taking Erin to the movies to see the latest Harry Potter, I had a flat tyre.

I probably put the mos on myself as we were having a conversation recently about whether I/women in general, could change a tyre. My thought was that I know the steps and could do it if necessary. Well I put the theory to the test and when push came to shove the first thing I did was to ring for help! While Chris was on his way I got the spare and the jack out of the boot. It wasn't easy and as I struggles with the tyre about 6 cars drove past me. I must have looked very capable as none of them slowed or stopped to see if I needed assistance. These days of mobile phones and RACV maybe they assumed I was OK. None of them knew Chris was on his way, I was a bit disappointed in our town ,I thought we had a tighter community than that.

My efforts came to a holt when I could't loosen the nuts on the wheel, so we waited for my knight in shining armour to come and rescue me. Luckily he wasn't far away, and I was very thankful for his muscles and capable hands.

So my original thought was right, I know what to do and if I didn't have a phone/reception, or if no-one would stop, maybe I could do it myself.

I'm really glad I didn't have to in the end, and we'll see HP another day, this day just wasn't meant to be.

Newsflash: Jo's Christmas present will be 4 new tyres and a wheel balance.

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