Monday, November 15, 2010


I need to vent my frustration.

As nurses we need to complete a certain amount of education each year to be registered. I know that it is difficult to complete on-line learning modules at work, with interruptions or even finding the time to commence a module is sometimes impossible.
As part of my education role I wanted to have the evidence of the obstacles faced by the staff. I sent out an electronic survey with just 5 questions which takes a few minutes to complete. When I checked today whether the staff on the mid ward were able to come to an education session I was howled down with cries of how busy they were.
Fair enough, but then when I enquired if they had done the survey they became even more heated with how they don't have time at work to do education and when they go home they want to switch off work matters. Also fair enough, but if they don't complete the survey I can't present the evidence and can't assist them with making study/education time available.


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