Friday, August 28, 2009

At last...

At last a lovely day.

Sunny, warm, not windy, not raining & I didn't have to work...bonus!

I went to Louise's & we went for a walk in the sunshine for about an hour with her 2 little dogs, who were very well behaved & didn't poo once! Not like Pippa who has a bowel movement as soon as she leaves the backyard.

Then down to business, the business of making thankyou cards for Hayley to send out.

Just some simple ones with a handmade touch

I'll show you some more as she actually writes on them.

Oh & I waited til 6:15pm to see Dr Rob who spent 5 minutes with me to book an excision of the 'seborrheic keratosis' on my back on the 7th Sept. Hopefully his broken thumb will be better enough to do a good job!

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  1. Did I mention waiting , waiting and how late appt's are dangerous? (PS. I waited 25mins at the fish & chip shop tonight only to discover that I had misheard the number and our order was ready shortly after I arrived!)