Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good baby...

Little baby Arrah came to Hayley's party, just 11 months old & as cute as a button.

We haven't had a baby in the house for a long time...since Erin, or Connor my nephew & he is 9.

Carly is the first of Hayley's peers to have a baby & she is doing a great job at mothering this little bundle.Such a good baby, I didn't hear a peep out of her for the 4 hours she was here. Not a grizzle, not a tired cry at all & she was passed around a lot of strangers. Erin had a ball with her, entertaining her, pushing her pram or shoving toys in her face. The house isn't exactly baby friendly but under the watchful eye of her mother & Erin she didn't find anything too dangerous.

The idea of a baby is appealing to Hayley, more like a toy, as long as you can hand it back after a little while & go out with your friends.
And I think Erin was glad to hand her back after she had had her fun 'playing with the baby'.

I am very out of practice with babies too. Hopefully it will be quite a while before another baby comes to visit.

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