Friday, August 14, 2009

Around the corner...

Spring is close, today the weather was mild...sunny & warm. A teaser for what is a few weeks away.

Erin had mid term break so we had a sleep in.

I was able to open up the windows & let the balmy air into the house.

On my walk I spied blossoms & buds on trees & shrubs. Leaves will shortly unfurl on trees & we will have green again .

I look forward to hanging the washing on the outside line & have it flap in the sunshine.
Hayley, Erin & I rode our bikes in the sunshine & just enjoyed the warmth.

After the rainy days we have had recently it was a real boost to our spirits. And while I enjoy the cold weather & rugging up in coats & scarves, I am looking forward to the next season.

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