Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back in the day...

Today I received an email, you might have seen something like it. It extolls the virtues of the 'good old days'...when we were kids we didn't wear seat belts, rode around in the back of a ute or station wagon, we didn't have mobile phones & rode around til all hours on our bikes without helmets, we survived the lead paint on our cots,etc, etc.
It went on to say congratulations for surviving such dangerous unregulated times but as I read it I thought that lots of people did die from such things or were seriously harmed.
As we learn of dangers we try to protect ourselves & our children from harm. I will concede that at times it does seem ludicrous the lengths we go to & that children could spend more time outdoors but not everything from the past is better!

And on a brighter note, Callum is starting with a roof tiler tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the break he needs to get out working. The 7am pick-up will be a shock to his system! I also hope to be able to tell the school formally that he now has a legitimate reason for not attending school.

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