Saturday, August 15, 2009


Just are some random photos. Everything & anything is being photographed around here at the moment.

I was browsing through some of Hayley's recent downloads....

Albert the enormous guinea pig is going strong. He survived the vicious heat wave & some pretty severe frosts out in the backyard this year. His enviable constitution will see him last a while yet. Maybe guinea pigs are related to cockroaches, they too are bullet proof.

Erin needs two hands to carry him!

I love this self portrait Hayley did, experimenting with shadow.

And just to prove that Callum has other actions apart from 'guitar playing' & eating or sleeping...

We got him to leap in the air!

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  1. Hope you haven't "put the mozz" on Albert now Jo! Keep on eye on him for the next week or so, now that you've labelled him indestructible! And who knew Callum could actually move! Full of surprises :)