Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday stories...

Another one from the archives...

I was very involved in Girl Guides during my childhood. Camps, patrol leader, activity badges & Jamborees meant loads of great experiences & learning opportunities. The whole structured rule following hierachy suited me really well, where effort & application was rewarded & recognised.

After guides came Ranger Guides. Same structure but aimed at an older age group. During my time with Rangers I had the opportunity to go overseas. We fundraised & saved over a whole year to spend 4 weeks in Mexico!
We went in a small group with 2 adult leaders & travelled via Hawaii & Los Angeles. We stayed at an international guide house in Mexico City & travelled to the country areas & climbed pyramids, ate local foods, visited silver shops & craft markets. For a 17 year old it was an amazing experience.
I was looking for my box of memorabilia to add bits to my scrapbooking of the Mexican trip & it unearthed a flood of memories. I was/am such a nerd - as I looked through I could not believe the amount of stuff I bought home with me! Along with my Disneyland pass, an opera ticket, airline tickets & postcards there is also bus tickets, a lifesaver packet & a paper bag from Disneyland... I'm such a hoarder!

After 28 years I'm finally going to put all my photos & momentos into an album & try to remember the places & faces in the pics. Anita put me onto a great supplier for the 6x4 pocketed sleeves, so I've got quite a big job in front of me. Might take me another 28 years to finish!

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