Sunday, July 19, 2009


Rewarding Hayley for all her housework on Fri, today we headed out to Daylesford for a bit of lunch & some retro shopping.

Retro always makes me smile to myself, especially when I see the table & chairs set we had as a newly married couple. We bought the set for about $25 out of necessity & today at the market it was $325!
I was secretly pleased when I saw plates & serving dishes that have been handed down from my mother & grandmothers now fetching a great price.
It just makes me think I should hang on to some items that I would normally pass on to the op-shop as to someone they could be a treasure.

Hayley had a ball rummaging through the vintage clothing & picked up a great top. I was very tempted to buy a coat as it was a chilly 8 degrees in Daylesford!

Now I'm off to watch the Masterchef finale.

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