Friday, July 31, 2009


Instead of having a day of scrapping & catching up with my sister, I spent the day cleaning dust off shelves so my guests will be impressed when they come for Hayley's birthday.
They'll notice right????

She was otherwise engaged so I had an extra day that I hadn't planned on, probably for the best but I don't feel much more organised than I was before.

It got me to thinking about the milestones that are upcoming in our lives.

First there is Hayley's 21st. Just 3 months later will be Cal's 18th. A bit of a breather then its Christmas at our place this year. In January we will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary & in February Chris will turn 50.
By March I might just have a breakdown or you will hear a giant sigh of relief. I (& my liver) will have survived copious amounts of champagne toasts.

Maybe I should start getting into condition by popping a champers...Cheers!

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  1. Cheers! That's a lot of great celebrating...enjoy!