Friday, July 3, 2009

A short break...

I've got 10 days off.

Doesn't that sound good...a whole 10 days off.

10 days to sleep in, watch movies, go on a few outings, play with friends & play the Sims -that's Erins list.
For me I want to sleep in, watch a few movies, go on a few outings, catch up with my sisters, & get organised! I want to clean a few areas that get tidied each week but need a real sort out. I've probably got enough jobs on my list to last 100 days though. I don't want Erin to back to school & say 'on my school holidays I helped Mum sort out the linen cupboard, clean the blinds, & scrub the back patio'.
Hopefully she will be full of stories of interesting things we did together & how she celebrated her birthday.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my site, please come back anytime!

    Good luck on your vacation and Happy Birthday to your daughter!