Friday, July 10, 2009

Ancient history...

On Wednesday Erin & I went back in time about 150 years to experience life from the goldfields of Ballaarat at 'Sovereign Hill'. We had an enjoyable day & spent most of our time marvelling at how they survived the primitive conditions in their search for their fortune.

Today we went back about 2000 years when we visited the Pompeii exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. It has been another day of marvelling at how they lived without modern amenities. The short 3-D film showing the explosion & smothering of ash was quite an eye opener.

I know sometimes we can look back nostagically at ancient times but today & Wednesday proved to me I would quite like to be back in those times when we didn't have to queue for every little thing, or battle crowds.

Erin was taken aback at how busy the city was, & didn't cope that well with the jostling of crowds as we tried to get a train home, at least we got a seat when our feet were throbbing from the days walking.

The holiday sight seeing has reinforced to me that I hate crowds & I hate queueing, but we have had fun in our adventures.

Now back to reality & the present day.


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Jo.
    It brings it all back for you with your mum. Stay strong.

    Your holidays sounds like it was just what you needed.

    Take care.
    Luv Sandie

  2. We loved Sovereign Hill too..went with a scout group 3 yrs ago and would love to take Jem one day..everything done sooo well...did you do the sound and light show?..fabulous!